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We specialise in aerial photography taken using an elevated camera on a vehicle-mounted mast giving a superior and exciting perspective of aerial photography.

Whilst there are many applications for aerial photography it is particularly effective for photographing properties, businesses and events where an elevated viewpoint is needed.

Elevated photography is a fast and effective means of achieving professional aerial photography from a perspective that presents the full picture. In many applications elevated photography is enhancing traditional aerial photography using aircraft. Not only much cheaper, but yielding superior results with better angles, greater choice and more control.

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360 Aerial Virtual Tours

Highpix can also take stunning 360ยบ panoramic aerial photos, not only placing your audience within the location, but taken from a superior high angle up to 25 metres high.

Your clients will have the ability to look around "left and right" and "floor to ceiling". These images are perfect for websites and CD-ROM presentations and are the perfect way to promote properties, attractions, businesses, events etc 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Commercial and Estate Agents

What is the point of a good location when potential buyers can't appreciate it. With an aerial photography you would be able to present any property with all its surrounding and outbuilding etc with just one stunning photo.
Contact us today to arrange for a series of aerial photographs of a property you feel appropriate. We can deliver the photos the same day on CD-ROM or they can be downloaded from our website.

Business Opportunity

Start your own elevated aerial photography business, without the commitment or constraints of a franchise agreement. Everything you need to start your own PROFESSIONAL aerial photography business, Van with 25 metre mast, guy ropes, camera equipment, professional pan/tilt head, compressor, software, website, marketing material, photos, training etc.

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