Highpix photography currently uses a 7.1 million pixel Canon G6 and a 8 million pixel Canon EOS 350D camera fitted to a remotely controlled pan and tilt head. This is then mounted on a telescopic mast which extends to any height from 2.5m (8’) to 25m (82’) using compressed air provided by a compressor.

The mast is raised from the vehicle, a Renault Trafic van, and live pictures are fed directly into the van below.

All stunning photographs (including stitching, cropping, straightening) will be provided on CD-ROM instantly on site if required, or posted the next day. Both ground and aerial 360 degree virtual tours will be posted, within 24 hours on CD-ROM.

Total Control

The camera is connected to a laptop computer via ‘remote capture’ software.

This gives the photographer full control of the camera enabling composition to be monitored and altered using both zoom and pan and tilt controls.

The software also permits adjustment of the camera settings, shutter release and instant review of images taken.


Finished Product

Images can be resized and saved to whatever format suits the clients requirements, e.g. Jpeg, Tiff, RAW etc.

Borderless high quality A3 and A4 images can also be printed on site if required.

Post production processing work can be carried out on images, if required.

Photographs can be provided on CD-ROM instantly on site, posted the next day or downloaded from Highpix website (password protected).

Full control and monitoring from the ground means that framing and focal length can be set precisely to ensure that each picture or video sequence is exactly as required.

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Professional Pan and Tilt camera head.

Highpix uses professional state of the art technology to produce outstanding
quality and results.

Go with the professionals.

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